Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


At the end of the Day

By the end of Christmas Day we had soaked up as much of the Magic as we possibly could. I can't even describe how very happy we were. It was supposed to be their busiest day of the year with the most crowds. Everything I had read told about how miserable the crowds would be, but I didn't even notice. Honestly, we were just soooo happy we didn't even notice. I'm not sure if we were so happy it made us stupid or if the little things like that don't really get to us anymore. Either way it was an amazing experience to be their with our children and see how Blake and Allison's excitement grew and grew as they had the opportunity to show Ash more and more and more. As a parent I can't think of anything more satisfying than to see your children express genuine love and appreciation for the each other. What a Christmas!

Ashley Kate's very favorite thing of this entire day was the Spectro Magic Parade. It absolutely captivated her. She loved it so much and I couldn't help but love it because of her face. It was too dark to get a picture, but we did video her reaction and it was priceless! Each and every float and character was covered in lights. The music was fun and whimsical and everything was just so perfect. Ash couldn't take her eyes off all that paraded in front of her.

It was during this parade that my son and I sat on each side of Ashley Kate and had a heart to heart. He sobbed in the dark over her broken body and all that he just doesn't understand. I could not help but cry along with him because if I don't get it how can I expect him and Allie to get it? There is no good explanation for the way her life is. There is no explanation for why she hurts so much and has to fight so hard. All I could do was assure him that I knew God had a plan to use her in this world and even though I don't get why this is the way He has chosen to accomplish it that I still trust Him and that he needed to also. Our conversation ended with this statement from him, "Mom, she's just so happy now. I want her to stay that way. I don't want her to be sick anymore." Something about watching our tiny baby girl have the time of her life brought him to tears. I don't know what it was that triggered it all, but I am grateful to have been there with him when it happened. 3 long years of hurt, misunderstanding, stress, and frustration. It is a very heavy burden those kids of ours are carrying.

We ended our day with a fireworks show and photo in front of the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen. All three of our children. Together. On Christmas Day. God is really, really good!


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