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Praying Hard for Our Friends

At this early hour I found a moment to check on two of our very special, very sick transplant friends. They each received their transplant in Omaha just as Ashely Kate. Oh, how precious these little girls are to my heart. As I type this morning they are each very, very sick and will be spending Christmas in the PICU. One in Omaha, one in Shreveport desperately hoping not to have to return to Omaha. I love them both so much and my heart is breaking as I read the words of their mommy's hearts.

Once again I come to you my friends because I have "seen" you on your knees before our Father before and I have felt the impact of your prayers and I ask you to take a moment and pray for our friends. You have prayed for our friend Kylie before and now I ask you again. You have also prayed for our other precious friend before and I will not post her name because I have not spoken to her mommy to get permission to do so. Although I know she would covet your prayers this morning for her little girl. Please, please pray for them. My fear of Christmas in the hospital is their reality this year. Unfortunately it is always some one's reality as they sit next to the beds of their very sick children in PICU's all across this country.

I do not pretend to understand any of this. This life of ups and downs. Last night my heart was broken as I said to Dave, "It is unbelievable to me that all we wanted for our little girls was for them to live and in doing so we have had to allow them to be made so very weak." Their little lives are gifts. The most precious gifts we have ever held close to our hearts. As I love my sweet Ashley and would do anything to make her life sweet, my dear friends love their baby girls as much. They too would trade places in a heartbeat with their girls to give them a full, happy, pain free life.

I know you are busy with family, holiday plans, and travel. I sincerely ask if I might have a few of your moments. These three little girls mean the world to us, just as your precious children do to you. If you would lift them before His throne this holiday week I would forever be grateful to you. Hug your babies closer this Christmas. Sit back and absorb each smile, each giggle, each twinkle in their eyes. I promise you they are there. Be still long enough to find the gift you have been given and just praise our God that He has blessed you. We are all so blessed. I love you guys and I thank you in advance for your prayers. I know you will be on your knees. Trish


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