Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


A busy little elf

Ash and I busied ourselves working on a surprise for her daddy today. She was happy to help make snowflakes, play in all of the papers while I laid out a new bulletin board(from our left over scrapbook papers! Yeah us!) and draw her first masterpiece for his Christmas present.

Here is how the bulletin board turned out. It matches her tree and ornaments.

This is her masterpiece. I think I'll frame it for his personal office at the clinic. I'm so excited to see his reaction. We have been trying and trying to get her to "color" for three years and she finally showed an interest. She made this all by herself this afternoon and I absolutely LOVE it!

The snow storm is moving in and the nurses are going home early because the roads are getting slick. Dave is currently in Dallas on a 4 hour lay over and I'm really hoping for safe travels for him. I'm not sure if his flight to Omaha will be canceled or not. I hope not. We are really looking forward to his visit this weekend.


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