Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Good News

This morning the surgeon looked at us and said, "Lets top her off," and the he began to kick his foot. I couldn't help but smile at him because although he didn't want to commit to saying the words he was "giving us the boot". I was grinning ear to ear and had to ask, "Are you serious?"

He followed by saying, "We've done everything we can do at this point and she is doing as well as she can. You might as well go on your trip and we'll just keep a close eye on her."

Needless to say we are rejoicing!

Originally he wanted us to stick around until Monday and then after labs he would give us the go ahead to leave Omaha, but Dave explained the logistics of what would work much better for us and he said, "Well, lets put it to a vote." At that time the nurse practitioner assured him that she felt we should go and that we would have her on a plane to return if she was in trouble.

"O.k., go ahead and make your trip to Florida and we'll just leave it open ended. If she's still doing well then go home. If she's in trouble or things begin to change then bring her back. I just didn't want to upset the "transplant gods". Just for the record, we know he was joking , but Dave and I don't believe in the "transplant gods". We prefer to believe it was our God that made this happen for our family and we are so very grateful.

Ash is currently receiving another blood transfusion. For some reason she is losing blood and we can't seem to figure out why. They ran many, many tests looking for a reason but came up empty handed. We are just going to keep a close eye on it and keep filling her up for now. Our best guess is that she is probably losing it through her ostomy sight.

So the plan is to stay one more day, give her the blood, and be discharged after labs tomorrow morning. Dave and I will be traveling with Ash to Oklahoma in a rental car and then will pick up our car and our children and make the rest of the trip home on Sunday. That will then give me a day to do laundry, pack, and then we will be on our way to Dallas Tuesday evening(which happens to be Dave's 35th birthday) and we will fly out Wednesday morning.

I'm so excited and so grateful. I can't express to you how thankful our hearts our at this time. Thank you so much for your prayers. We love you guys. Trish


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