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What happened?

This post is basically a question for any blog writers out there who may be able to help me. Last night while I went to my blogger dashboard to read the comments I all of a sudden had the last 2111 comments disappear. The dashboard is now showing that since then I have another 18 new comments that have been left, but it only allows me to see the first 5000 comments(it leaves off somewhere in October). I'm not sure where 2ooo and something comments went to? It is still showing the number of new comments as they are left, it just seems that I can't find them and have no way of reading them. Can anybody help me find them? Obviously I won't be able to read your response(if you have one) in my comments so please e-mail me at

Thanks for your help. I haven't heard from Dave yet to see if he actually has a flight this morning or not.


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