Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Pleasantly Surprised

Between the episodes of drama in our home last evening we found ourselves to be pleasantly surprised by the following event:


For the first time in her LIFE she played, she splashed, she cried a little, and the she ...


All the while she was sitting in the bath tub.

Dave and I had SO much fun watching her enjoy something so normal. No central line, no IV. Just a little girl with a band aid, a button, a big scar and an ostomy bag. Yep, this is our normal and I wouldn't trade this life for anyone else's. We eventually went and got Blake and Allie out of bed so they could enjoy watching her play too. We blew bubbles for her and she splashed water and smiled that amazing smile while her eyes twinkled. What a great memory.

Soon afterward the nurses(ours brought a back up along with her) arrived and all the fun ended. They finally left around 11:30 no IV in place and two knots on Ashley Kate's thighs were they were forced to push the very thick, very painful antibiotic shots into her muscles. This morning she is very sore and can't stand to be held. She is STILL signing to us that her legs are hurting and I'm sure she won't be forgetting the whole ordeal for quite some time. Ash is so smart and she now knows what that nurse is coming here for. They are not going to be friends.

Last night was even more confirmation in my mind that I have NO desire to ever be a nurse. I admire them, I appreciate them, but I could NEVER be one of them. It doesn't matter how sweet they tried to be to Ashley Kate or how loving they were after the sticks she no longer trusts them and thats that. As they closed the front door she clapped and clapped then snuggled her self into my chest with that amazing smile. She thinks she won because they left. Poor girl has no idea and I can't stand the thought of breaking the news to her so I won't.


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