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Bulking Up?

We are attempting to add a little of the lost weight back on to Ashley Kate's tiny frame. She lost a total of 3 lbs last month while in the hospital and those 3lbs seem to have been making all the difference between a frail Ashley and a strong Ashley.

We have added an additional 250 calories to her formula recipe and are trying to get her to take in some calories by mouth. Its slow going, but still going.

It is my hope that once the weight comes back that she will have enough strength to begin walking with her walker once again.

Other than this little bump in her road to recovery she looks WONDERFUL. She is happy and silly and thriving. We are just a little more than a month out from her 5th birthday and she loves for us to practice singing Happy Birthday to her. It makes her smile from ear to ear. She has no conceptual idea what its all about, but she does scoot to her play room, grab her felt birthday cake from her kitchen, and hands it to me so that I will begin singing to her. It makes my heart smile all over to do this for her. She is making the association between a birthday cake and the birthday song. I just love this. I really do. I don't know if she will ever understand just how special her birthday is and how excited she should be as it approaches, but those who surround her sure do. She is a miracle and each year of survival and living is cause for celebration. I am so very thankful for her life and for her presence in mine.

Today we are busy collecting building materials for the construction of her carnival midway. Tonight we are painting more banners, and tomorrow we begin baking the most delicious sugar cookies you've ever tasted for the center pieces. Each day I have plans of what needs to be accomplished in order to have everything finished for the big day. Thankfully I have sisters and a mom who are willing to help this summer :) So while we bake and paint and construct we get to laugh and giggle and visit. Its such a blessing to get to be together.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Talk to you soon. Trish


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