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Ashley Kate's birthday invitation arrived today. They were chosen and designed by Allison. She did a great job! I love them. This picture doesn't quite capture the brilliance of the colors, but I couldn't get the photo right. Anyway, just wanted to share with you all and again let you know your invited to join us.

A few of our friends here in Omaha whom we would love to send invites to we need addresses for. If Emily Wentz, LouAnn Meyers, Sandra, and Joey and Daisy would please e mail me your address or call:) then I would drop it in the mail tomorrow. Oh, Dave and I switched phones back so you can call me on my number which has changed since our last visit here in Omaha. You might just have to send me a message with it. If your name wasn't listed that means I have your address or that I know your planning on being here anyway. So please make plans to join us as we celebrate the 5 years God has blessed us with our Ashley Kate.

Her party is coming together in theory and on paper. I'm just hoping I can pull it all together in reality. The items are arriving daily in the mail and our room is starting to fill up. The theme we chose was "Under the Sea" and the room will be filled with all types of fish and ocean creatures(we have 50 large mylars that arrived yesterday:), flamingos, and bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. The colors are raspberry pink, turquoise, and lavender. If my plan falls into place the room will have 15 large "jellyfish" hanging from the ceiling (made from paper lanterns and streamer), the balloon creatures will be anchored at different heights going from the ground up. It should have a mingling effect between the two. A large bubble machine will float bubbles around the room. Music will be playing from favorites such as the little mermaid and finding nemo. The tables will be layered featuring the colors scheme and a sheer fabric cloth. The center pieces are amazing!!! Tall glass cylinders alternated with large round fish bowls with live fish swimming round and round. Sprinkled with sand and shells around their bases. I know Ash will recognize all that she is surrounded by and my hope is that the atmosphere will bring her a little bit of joy in her current circumstance. My sister is making an amazing cake and flamingo sugar cookies and bringing them all the way in from Oklahoma. We are having a dessert bar catered by a local favorite bakery.

I'm doing my best to create a little joy in the midst of a heartbreaking situation for my family. No regrets. I could allow her birthday to pass with little celebration because of where we sit or I can give us all something to look forward to and a memory to cherish. Call it right or wrong, for us its right.

Ashley's actual birthday is on Wednesday August 4. I plan on a very small birthday party here in her room with just us. Maybe a cupcake and a candle so that we can have some pictures on the actual day. I will decorate a little and call it good.

More than anything I'm looking forward to hugging my siblings, my parents, my husband, my children and close friends that evening and holding them close to my heart. It will be a very special day.


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