Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


2 hours

Its been two hours now and no word on her condition. We received a phone call asking us how to replace batteries in her TPN pump and so obviously if you read between the lines they have not yet located a vein above her diaphragm. The plan was to leave the hepatic line in place and continue infusing her fluids through it while they searched.

They did call out in the beginning to let us know that they had her intubated, a peripheral IV secured and that they were starting the veno gram to help locate a possible vein. Since that call its been a few minutes shy of two full hours.

It doesn't look like she will be making it to her next scheduled procedure in the 45 minutes. I didn't think the schedule was going to work when it arrived. I talked to two different coordinators and asked them if they remembered what patient this schedule had been written for. At this point I dont think we will be making the 2pm appointment either.

I just wish we knew something. Either direction, I just wish they would call and give us something to hold on to.


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