Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Ashley Kate just left us and she is so, so scared. We listened to her cries outside the operating room doors. My heart is so broken. Broken over the hurt and the pain she is about to endure, but more so for her fear as she looks around at strangers and can't find a face she recognizes.

Her cold has everyone alerted. Anesthesia wanted to cancel, transplant says they have to go ahead and proceed. They wanted Dave and I to know the increased risks of her remaining on the vent now that she has a compromised respiratory status with this cold. Of all the days! I just can't believe she came down with something 24 hours before one of the most critical procedures in her life. I don't understand.

My hope, my prayer is that somehow things would be miraculous in that room behind those closed doors and that a line would easily slip into place for my sweet, precious girl. If only it could happen in that manner.

I sit here in the waiting room unsure of where our lives proceed after this point. Either way I know life is changing and for me that is very, very difficult.

Trying so very hard to be positive and believe that God is indeed in control and that He has not finished with my daughter. I'm trying.

Your prayers at this time, right now in these moments for a miracle would be so appreciated. We need one!


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