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Its my favorite

This morning as I sit with the fire crackling and sliver bells playing I realize that this is absolutely my FAVORITE time of year. I know I've said that about a thousand times already, but it is so my favorite! I am beyond grateful to be here in our home for the holidays. When I remember how uncertain her every breath was few months back it blows my mind how good God is to us. Ash is here with us for Christmas and she's happy. So very happy. I'm not sure if you noticed in the first photo of my last post but our baby girl was SMILING just a little. When I came across that smile and that face and those eyes I couldn't help but smile right back. It makes me so happy to see JOY written on her every expression.

Today is my precious husbands birthday. I love this guy more than even I can understand so describing it would be pointless. There are no descriptions detailed enough to begin to share what this man is all about and who he is. God blessed me the day I met Dave, and our children were given a gift so terrific the day God made him a father. He is the BEST! He is so excited about driving off on our Christmas adventure tonight. The excitement I hear in his voice and the laughter coming from the kids as we "plan" this holiday is making it so worth the effort. We are going to have so much fun. You won't believe the redneck nicknames they sat around and chose for each one of us yesterday. So absolutely hilarious! I've laughed more this week than I have in a long, long time and I have a feeling its only the beginning of it all.

So...I'm off to finish packing. I decided I wanted to take all our gifts with us to open up around the fire pit Christmas eve and so it fell on my shoulders to "figure it out". If I can get them in the RV with all the other holiday "fixings" then it will be so. Wish me luck.

This life...this family... this holiday...this day...its my favorite:) Merry Christmas guys!


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