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Quick FYI

The screen on my phone decided to go out(again). So this is for my family and close friends and even perhaps our physicians offices. If you are trying to text me, I can't get them. If you are leaving voice mail, I can't get to it. The only thing I can do is answer calls and that only happens when the phone is right with me(which I am trying to remember it as I go throughout the house). My inbox is full, my texts messages are full. I'm not trying to ignore anyone, I just have this silly phone that has been replaced twice and it has once again gone on the blink. Guess Santa may be bringing me a new one? Perhaps a different brand? This one obviously has issues:)

This is why I am not communicating with anyone the last two days. So sorry. You could always do things the old fashioned way and send me an e-mail, but who has time to do that anymore? Otherwise I will try and answer the phone when it allows me to, because its even being a little picky with that function as well.

Have a great day. Ash is sleeping in and I'm trying to make a plan for which direction our day will take us. The only thing I know I'm doing for sure is going to see the most beautiful 12 year old I know play basketball tonight. Other than that its wide open! Love ya. Trish


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