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New Game

Its so nice to have your teenagers home on a weekend! Can't explain how very good it feels to play games around the table and watch them hang out with their baby sister. Blake and Allie are so grown up and its not often that you find the two of them hanging out at home on the same night. Especially on a weekend. Dave and I have really enjoyed having these young people home with us tonight.

Ash has been at it again this afternoon. Dave stayed with the girls today and I went to watch Blake play basketball in Mt. Pleasant. When I came in he informed that she had made her way over to the gifts again and had managed to find one that belonged to her. Its so funny to see her working her way through the pile of "surprises" under the tree each day. Its something I remember hurting over just a few months ago as I watched her struggle each night and I wondered if she would still be breathing come Christmas time. To have her in the middle of it all is the biggest blessing of the season.

She's invented a new game. Its lots of fun to play. Have any idea what a Magna Doodle is? If so then you'll understand my story. Ash's new favorite thing to do(other than unwrapping Christmas gifts) is to hand the toy to one of us as she commands with sign what she wants us to draw for her. She then takes it from our hands and either loves it or rejects it. Yes, she rejects it! If its not to her liking she shakes her head no and puts it right back in our faces requesting us to try again. I'll tell you that I can't draw Mater to save my life, and a rooster has me stumped as well. Most other things I've been able to pass off to her liking. We can sit and play for hours and she never tires of it. I've drawn a wide array of things for her. From spiders, to swings, to whales, to rainbows. If she knows a sign for it then its open for requesting. I've laughed so hard at what she's accepted compared to what she's rejected and put back in my face. Her taste is definitely different than mine and what I thought I had done a pretty good job at didn't even make it past her for a second or two. This girl is such a joy. Such a gift. Such a blessing. I'll be sure to pack this for our next hospital trip. It would have come in handy over there this week!

Its been a really good day around our house. Lots of quality time spent with our kids. Allie is feeling pretty under the weather this evening and that breaks my heart. Our hope is that with some rest and a few adjustments she will be back to her happy little self by Monday morning. We are being careful to keep the girls in different rooms in hopes of protecting Ash from whatever Al has going on. Its a hard time of year in transplant households. Lots of bugs floating around the schools, colds, the flu, fevers and such. Always makes us a little nervous, but so far Ash seems to be holding her own. Her cough seems to be clearing faster than mine and for that I'm really grateful.

Hope your day has been spent doing all that you love. For us that pretty much includes anything to do with our kiddos. They are growing up more and more each day and we are so aware of how short our time with them all truly is. Goodnight my friends and God bless.


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