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This morning Dave and Blake and Ashley Kate are out in search of a battery charger for my Cannon. I am absolutely stumped as to where mine is. Without a charger I have no ability to take pics of my kids this week and next for the Christmas holiday. This is so not an option for me. Its absolutely not acceptable to miss these holiday moments.

I've been in search of amazing things we can do together to make memories and capture something on "film" so we can remember this Christmas. I don't want to talk about it being Ashley's last, but the truth is that this Christmas is so very important to Dave and I. We have a very, very unsure year ahead of us. I just want to make this one last...forever. So we have to come up with a new charger for that camera battery or else I'm off to buy a new camera.

If you have any recommendations that are an absolute do not miss here in East Tx or the Dallas or Shreveport area please let me know. We have every night this week except for Tuesday to go out and do something with our kiddos and I'm always up for something amazing. Let us know what you think we should do.

I am loving this season! Just wish we had some wintery weather to go along with it.


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