Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


They asked for...

a developmental packet on Ashley Kate this afternoon. That request in itself makes me angry. There is no other way to put that. If she could walk and talk then I promise you this would not even be an issue. How am I supposed to prove she is in fact developed enough to deserve to live? Dave wants to know what this means. I wish I knew. If we can't prove she's smart enough then is that a No? If we have reports and letters written that say the right things does that mean Yes?

The words shared with me this afternoon from the coordinator were this, "It is technically possible to transplant her. Everyone agreed it can be done. The risks are high. Very high. As high as they can possibly be, but we think you guys know that."

This is all I know. We are praying for direction, clear answers, and help. We need all of those things. It doesn't get any harder in the realm of parenting then what we are in fact faced with. It is life and death. The life or death of our youngest daughter. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy if I had one. I wouldn't wish this for anyone. If we do not choose to transplant her then she will die. Not today or tomorrow, but she will die. If we choose to transplant her then she may die. That day, the next day, or even weeks afterward while she attempts to recover. There is a slim chance, a miraculous possibility that she would survive, recover, and make it back home to our family to grow up. We are facing the hardest days of our entire lives. The very hardest.

Your prayers are appreciated at this time.


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