Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Its 9:15 pm and I'm STILL waiting on a delivery. It was guaranteed to be here by 10:30am. So much for UPS guaranteed over night delivery. Around 12pm it was discovered it had been lost in the warehouse. Not sure how that happens when its marked Urgent MEDICAL, but here I sit still waiting.

Ash has had NO IV antibiotic today. NONE. Her last dose was given at 10pm last night and I have waited all day long for the new delivery. Usually a delivery(we get them almost every single day) isn't this urgent, but with Staph running through her veins its a little bit important.

She actually had a great day. Played, smiled, giggled. She looked amazing. Tonight she's fading and not looking so hot. She's warm and acting different than she has most of today and so I'm fearing a fever coming back on. She's got 9 more days of IV antibiotic to clear her system and missing an entire day (3 doses to be exact) was not in the plan of treatment.

At this time a pharmacy out of Dallas is supposed to be picking up the ball and in route with at least two days worth of doses, but I expected to see them by 5pm and they still have not found their way here.

I'm frustrated. Not wanting to be. I'm just tired. Really, really tired and the transplant team switched antibiotics to a new one she has never been on before. That means that once it finally arrives and I give the 12am dose that I will have to take vitals every 15 minutes to make sure she is handling the new med ok. Its proving to be a really, really long day at our house.

I hope they arrive soon. Its not supposed to be compatible with her TPN and Omegaven so they asked me not to hang the new bags until after the med ran so that I wouldn't be accessing her line an extra time. Problem fluid...not good. I think I'm going to go ahead and hang some just because its getting so late. She's got to have something.

Its pretty crazy to know that a lost box in a warehouse can cause so much trouble. Please, please ring my doorbell soon!


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