Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


GOT IT!!!!

They just came out and let us know that they got something in place that will work for transplant. Its very confusing, but its in there and now we just have to "pass" the rest of this week to be listed.

They had to go up through the hepatic vein and do a cut down in her neck to pull the wire through. Then somehow they bypassed the blockage and put the tip of the catheter in the superior vena cava. Its a lot more detailed than that, but it doesn't matter to us. All we care about is that it is ABOVE the diaphragm and that means we have something that will get her into transplant.

She is in recovery now. Its going to be a very tough day for her, but she's been through much, much worse. We are just waiting to be called back to see our sweet girl.

Thank you so much for praying us through step one of our "new but old" journey.


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