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A completely, random, out of order sampling...

...of the Adams family Christmas. Ready to roll. If you look closely in the front window you will find Allie giving a thumbs up.

Our Christmas was so non traditional. So unlike anything anyone who knows me and my love for the holidays and tradition and formality would ever guess I would be a part of. It was such a great idea! We laughed so hard. Made silly videos that we will cherish forever. Played with our kids. Enjoyed our time. Praised God for His gift and for the family He gave to us.

Hope you enjoy just a small sampling of our adventure. Its out of order and just random shots of the weekend, but you can still get a feeling of the fun that we had.

All three kids warming up around the fire pit early Christmas morning. This was my favorite scene of the entire holiday. LOVED having all the kids together, waiting for Dave to read the Christmas story, and then opening gifts. It was so peaceful and absolutely wonderful.

On Christmas Eve we had a little contest. Go out into nature, collect what you would like, come back and make ornaments for our tree. The person with the best ornament would get to open 1 gift of their choosing. SO MUCH FUN!!! Good, quality time with the family. It was everyone's favorite memory of the weekend.

Our stockings were hung. Not real classy looking hung on the cabinetry, but nothing about this little adventure was all that classy. It sure was fun though and we will definitely remember this Christmas from now on.

Our Allie warming up on Christmas Eve with a cup of yummy soup. It was very cold and we were very thankful for the chilly winter weather this Christmas. So much better than being in shorts and flip flops on Christmas day.

Here is a shot of our little holiday camp site. We laughed and laughed about this entire set up. What fun it was decorating!

Dave and Blake busy hanging out tacky snow flake lights on the awning. I love the smiles on their faces. I'm telling you we laughed harder these few days than we have in months. It was great.
One of my favorite pictures from the entire holiday. Love the smiles. Just genuine joy on both of their faces. They have so much fun together.

Ash reading some of her new books. She loves books more than anything. You will rarely find Ashley Kate without a book in her hands. Its part of her world. She learns so much from "reading".

Ashley and Allie hanging out around the fire pit. They were working on their marshmallow roasting sticks. Ashley Kate was SO happy to have her own stick.

A shot of the holiday campsite at night. We caught several people coming down to snap photos of our "redneck" holiday. It was so funny!

We really did have a great holiday. Hope you did too. I thought this would be a nice break from all the drama, emotion, and other goings on in our life right now. I'm doing my best to not think of all that is taking place. Have a great day.


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