Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



I'm trying to sleep. Dave sent me home to get a few hours of rest tonight. I'm having a hard time though. Ash isn't down the hall and he's not next to me. On top of that I'm just stunned that today even took place.

The last thing I expected to have happen today was all that did happen.

Ash came out of recovery a little before 9:00. She was confused, upset , and signing for us to take her home NOW. She was hurting. But before I came home she was asleep.

The surgeon shared with us that the bacteria had eaten completely through the bone in one area and two more areas had holes the diameter of the end of his pinky. Really insane! It's so shocking. We are all stunned. The physicians included. Ashley Kate was laughing and playing in pre op. No indications of the massive infection that is raging inside her.

We expect her to stay In the hospital at least until Thursday. We really want to id the bug so it can be treated and attacked aggressively.

I have so many thoughts and emotions swirling through my head but for now I'm just trying to process it on my own. Our pediatrician feared the infection had gone into her brain. As he stopped by late tonight he shared that he had kept that from us today in his office. The surgeon said we were only days away from having what could have easily been multiple brain surgeries trying to battle this infection. We are stunned to say the least.

Our hope is for healing. For resolution of the infection. For proper id of the bug so that it can be killed with the right antibiotic.

Thank you for praying for our miracle girl today. It looks as though the hand of our God kept her covered and protected once again.


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