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Doing it again

In true Ashley style I'd like to announce that my girl is doing it yet again.

She is battling back, fighting like a champ, and turning this whole mess around. I'm so, so proud of her and even higher than my level of pride is my level of gratitude.

Last night Dave and I sat on the playroom floor with our girl and watched her smile a few times, play a little, and enjoy her life. I looked at him and said, "She's doing it again." To which he replied, "I knew she would.".

Ash has a long way to go. Her energy runs out quickly. She takes 3-4 hour naps each day. She isn't as animated or as communicative as she normally is, but she's getting there. I did witness her lie herself down last night from a seated position. She was shaky and it was hard, but she did it by herself and that was encouraging. She has not yet moved across the floor, but I imagine as each day passes she will get stronger and stronger.

We have a HUGE amount of antibiotics running through her veins and I know that is the reason she is doing it again. The course from this point is unknown. We may in fact have to keep those meds running for a very long time. No one really has a plan yet.

The best news of all today? Are you ready? Her bilirubin is DOWN to 14! I'm so pumped about that! It is incredible! You can see as it gets lower and lower her energy level gets higher and higher. There is LIFE in her eyes again and its the best thing I've ever seen.

Its a busy, busy week around here. Soccer last night. Two baseball games in Nacodoches tonight. District track meet Thursday in Whitehouse. Two more baseball games Friday night. Soccer tournament begins Friday night too. Then two more Soccer games on Saturday that will determine if she plays again on Sunday.

I'm tired from the lack of sleep. My hair is falling out in huge clumps from all the stress. I'm never quite sure what each day is going to hold in my sweet Ashley's life. My hands are shaking most of the time from all of that but above all I KNOW I'm blessed. Three amazing, beautiful, talented, incredible young people that I get to call mine. I get emotional each time I sit and watch them be who they are. Whether thats on a baseball field, a soccer field, or on the floor of the playroom. They are amazing and I get to be their mom. How blessed am I? So undeserving to have such an amazing life!

I'm off to the fields in Nacodoches to watch Blake pitch. I hope you all have a blessed day. Ashley Kate is laughing ever so quietly in the other room, but she is laughing and I can honestly say its the sweetest sound I've ever heard.


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