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We are cracking me Up

Today I'm going to share a little realization I came to about what has become of "us". You know the "us" that Dave and I used to be? The youngest in our Sunday School classes to have actual children? The coolest people we knew? The ones who loved a night out together? The people who loved to travel without a plan and just pack up the kids on a whim to spend a weekend at the beach? Yeah, that "us".

Well...I realized last weekend that the "us" who we once were is GONE. It has changed and we are now the "us" that cracks me up.

This realization came to me as I watched Dave study how to place his newly purchased tomato plants into his even newer purchased "Upsy Downsy" pot. Seriously? This is who we are? He who went to walmart to INTENTIONALLY buy that pot, and I who went to INTENTIONALLY buy a 20lb bag of birdseed? What happened to "us"? We used to be SO cool!

As Dave tended his "garden" (yes he planted some vegetable things to grow on his own!), and I watched the birds fly toward the newly hung feeders I laughed out loud at "us". I cracked myself up. Well, we cracked me up. What is happening in our lives? What is going on around here?

I would like to pretend that we are still the "us" I have always known and loved, but truth is that over the last 5 years or so we have become very different people. We have aged. Quickly! I think our tiny 2lb gherkin had MUCH to do with that process taking place, but I'm realizing this spring more than ever that I kind of like the new "us". Yes, we are oddly behaving like our parents(I can't believe I have admitted to that), but more than this new behavior we are absorbing our at home moments and enjoying them. No desire to go out, run to the beach this weekend, or even sit in Sunday School. Its just a desire to be together with our kids, in our home, and thanking God for having these days to spend with them.

The presence of our sweet Ashley Kate in this family has brought the important things front and center and the rest of the "nonsense" in our world has faded into the background. Among all the struggle and hurts I'm truly grateful for that part of this journey. I mean it would be great to spend time at the beach with the kids, but its also great to spend time in the back yard sitting around our pool watching them hang out with their friends and placing Ashley's toes into the water so she can splash away. It would be great to be surrounded by a body of believers who were our close friends, but it hasn't been possible on this journey with Ash and so its enough to know that those friends who still surround us are the real deal. A night out is great every once in awhile, but having to get ready for it...not so great. We choose to stay in.

It doesn't take much for us to feel "cool" anymore. Just a glance at one of my kids is enough for me. They are cool enough for all of us. They are young. They have no interest in tending tomato plants or watching birds. They are living the life we once lived and there is something amazing about the whole process of just sitting back and enjoying their triumphs, competitions, and accomplishments and not feeling as though the two of us have to go out and conquer the world. We don't. We just have to conquer another transplant! Not the whole world:)

So...this morning as I wait for the birds to stop in for lunch I'm cracking up at us because Dave's tomato plant is twirling in the wind and Ashley Kate stares at me wondering what it is that I am finding so funny. Nothing really sweet girl, just your mommy and daddy and how incredibly not "us" we have become.

Life is good. It truly is.


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