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Prayer for Blake

Its not often that I bring a need here to this place other than my sweet Ashley, but this morning I am.

Blake is in an unbelievable amount of pain this morning. His body is having some type of auto immune response. We are desperately searching for answers this morning. It has never done this before.

I thought about sharing pictures to give you a visual understanding of the degree of his pain, but honestly I think they would be even more gruesome than sharing Ash's transplant pictures.

He is home from school today. Determined to go yesterday it was the hardest thing he has ever done. This morning the surface area of his skin affected by the attack has more than doubled. His skin is broken, raw, blistered, and oozing. It is beyond description painful. My heart is so broken for him. He stands in the back of the house screaming behind closed doors and crying uncontrollably. He is exhausted. Simply exhausted. No ability to rest or find sleep for two nights now.

I've got calls into physicians offices hoping to get him in today.

I hate to say this but its a normal part of our world to see Ashley Kate hurting...never easy...but unfortunately part of our life. It is very not normal to watch the older kids suffer.

Blake was so determined to play in tonight's game he wrapped the raw skin yesterday, practiced, and then fell completely apart last night. This morning he realizes there is NO way he can endure the pain. He is out for tonight and more than likely for the tournament this weekend. More brokenness on top of the physical pain.

Please whisper a prayer for him today. A prayer for answers and at the very least some type of pain control so that he might find rest. I've never had to watch my son endure anything of this nature and its breaking me.


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