Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Gram Positive Cocci...

in pairs. That is what has grown out in the cultures.

Last night was really long. Ash and I were up for most of it. We went to sleep about 6 this morning.

Today, outside of being tired was actually much better than I could have anticipated. She's happy. No fever. No trembling. No hollering. Still...we have the infected line to deal with and treat.

We are starting with vanc on an every 8 hour schedule. Hopefully we will have a definite id soon and now the sensitivities.

Her labs are off. Low platelets, hemoglobin, wbc. Lots of highs and lows like potassium, calcium, etc. Liver functions all elevated. Enzymes all wrong. Just not looking as good as we prefer them to look.

We've been here before. Done this a time or two or honestly a dozen.

I'm hoping for a quiet night and some sleep. I think we both could use it. As soon as this med finishes up we are going to lay down.


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