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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



In my opinion its the hardest job in the world and yet with it comes the greatest of benefits. Moments when I wonder what in the world they were thinking, moments when I'm so proud of them for what they were thinking I can't believe they are mine.

When your kids mess up, you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders knowing they are your responsibility( trust me if your kids haven't messed up, they will. Its part of growing up.). A responsibility given to only you by the Creator of the world. When they do something right you feel the biggest sense of pride and accomplishment knowing the Creator of the whole world allowed you to be a small part of who they are becoming.

At this moment I'm so extremely proud of one of my kiddos for standing up for who they know they are. Not settling. Following their own dream. Staying focused on the goal. Wearing blinders to block out what the rest of their crowd is doing in order to stay on track.

Although my heart breaks over their heartache and I lay awake through the night hurting for them, I couldn't be prouder of this kiddo. Seriously, one of the best around. Simply the best.

Hey kiddo,

I just wanted to say...

Hang in there. Keep pursuing. Know that we are in your corner and we KNOW the truth of who and what you are. The day will come when it will all be revealed. Anything worth having is worth working and fighting for. We are proud of you. So very proud.

Mom and Dad


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