Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Why does it have to be...

SO HARD! Seriously, this is why I have such a love/hate relationship with hospitals, physicians, and nurses. You get some new "know it all" "it has to be MY way or no way" walk into the room and make life for families like ours who have been dealing with a terminally/chronically ill child for years miserable. I can't stand it!

We have been doing this EXACT same procedure with Ashley Kate's central lines for YEARS and just because you want to throw your weight around the hospital and call the shots and make a total you know what out of yourself...for WHAT? What is your problem?

I'm tired. We are tired. Get over yourself. Being kind, courteous, and easy to work with goes BOTH WAYS. Just pull the records from last Wednesday and you will see we've done this before, in this very hospital, in this very room BEFORE! MANY TIMES!

Sometimes its just too much!

I would like for them to just try and make something this simple easy for us. Please. Just make it easy as opposed to proving to us that you are the doctor. Who really cares? Trust me, we aren't impressed anymore. We are soooooo over that.

Just had to vent. I haven't slept well in about 10 days. Forgive me.


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