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This Early Christmas Morn

I wonder what she dreams about. I watch this tiny girl sleep this morning and wonder. She has no idea that today is any different than any other day. And...thats ok. Because every day is just as exciting and her joy is just as full.

I'm sitting here in the family room this early Christmas morning anticipating what is to happen in this very spot in just a few hours. The children are all sleeping soundly but here I sit at 4:30am so excited about what is to come that I can't find sleep. I'm even more excited as an adult than I ever was as a child.

The joy in Christmas comes in the giving. I never could have imagined how much fun it would be to be the giver of the gifts. As a child I thought the excitement came from what was to be received, but now I see. The gifts we give, not the ones we receive bring the biggest blessings to our lives.

What joy I feel in my heart from knowing how blessed the kids are going to be this morning. I'm so, so excited. I can't wait to bless them. Seriously, I can't wait. I'm going to though because Dave is not near as excited about being awake at this hour! I know because I tried to wake him up to talk to him about how excited I am. It didn't go well:)

We have enjoyed precious moments this holiday weekend. So many sweet, sweet moments with our kids. Making memories. Following tradition. Playing games. Baking. Laughing. Fellowship. We finished our annual Christmas puzzle last night all huddled around the table trying to be the one to put the last piece in its place. I love that. Love what a puzzle can do in the center of our home. Its amazing. Simply amazing to sit around the table visiting with those I love the most in this world. I found myself just sitting back watching, listening, and smiling as the bantor went back and forth.

Our sweetest gift this year lies just steps away, snuggled all safe in her bed. Her sweet rosy cheeks glowing in the light of her Christmas tree. I stand over her bed this morning and think how blessed, how truly blessed we are to have her here. A year ago we were so afraid. So desperately hanging on to this place in her journey. I can't help but feel joy when I see her face. Her giggles fill the rooms of our home. They are so full, so true, so joyful. She is our gift. Our tiny, precious gift. How could I ever ask for anything more? Nothing in a package could ever compare to what we have been given in this little girl.

I wish for each of you to feel the joy of Jesus in your hearts and your homes this day. He truly is the gift of a lifetime. I'll never understand the plans of God or the why's of all that is, but I know He loved us so much that He gave His most precious gift to us on this day. He walked with us so that we could know Him. How amazing is that!

We wish each of you a very merry Christmas and may you feel surrounded by the love of God.


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