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Christmas Treasure

I know I will forever treasure the moments captured in our home tonight.

Ashley Kate fell in love with a very special rocking horse we brought home from storage this afternoon. She is head over heels in love with riding. I could have watched her ride for hours as she giggled and we all applauded her cowgirl skills. Sweet memories of our babies riding the range on this horse flooded our hearts as we sang the cowboy song Blake used to sing as he rode away day after day. Recalling how our little Allie was fast on his heels trying to climb into the saddle as he furiously rocked faster and faster. She couldn't be denied and would hang onto the tail of the horse with her chubby little hands. Blake would announce that he couldn't be a "real cowboy with Allie Girl on the back of his horse!" Oh, what memories!

We had a red, felt cowboy hat with a white drawstring that they would wear proudly as they mounted their horse. I can recall a picture of a diaper clad Allie wearing nothing but that hat and Blake's cowboy boots as she stole a ride a top his horse. Again he would proclaim, "babies CAN'T be cowboys MOM!"

And now my sweet Ashley has inherited that well loved horse. I could have never predicted her reaction. We loaded him into the car next to her as we drove home and she was smiling so wide. As I took her into the house she signed, "Horse, horse, horse" and told me to bring him in.

I totally love this picture. I especially love how she crosses her little feet under the belly of her horse! So precious!

So, I have a new favorite Christmas memory in my heart tonight. It happens to be the smile that crosses her face as she climbs onto the saddle and rides away.


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