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Holiday Favorites

We spent some time this afternoon shooting our annual Christmas card photos of the kids. I love so much about them.

I love how grown up our kids are. So neat to see that they aren't little kids, but rather amazing teenagers.

I love no longer seeing any signs of the boy my son was, but instead looking into the face of the young man he has become. Oh how I love him. He still takes my breath away. I love to visit with him. Listen to his plans. Chase his dreams.

I love the beauty in my Allie's eyes and the light that shines on her hair. She has grown up to be so beautiful. So fun. So sweet.

I love EVERYTHING about my little Ashley.

Her long brown hair, twinkly eyes, and puffy cheeks. I even love the ornery streak that is seen on her face in almost every photograph. She was in no mood to be photographed today and gave us quite a show.

I love her new "pouty" face. Its a sight we see around here quite regularly. It cracks us up each and every time!

The photographs aren't perfect. They aren't professional. But...they are a true reflection of my three favorite people in this world and when I look through them I can't help but smile. This one is my personal favorite. You just can fake true joy and laughter! I told you Ash was a mess today. Thankfully her big brother and sister have a sense of humor.

I'll never know why He chose to bless me so. I'm so thankful to be their mom. So thankful. Can't wait to send you all the cards. I had two different styles made and I love them equally as much so deciding which one to send to who is going to be difficult. Keep an eye out for them in the mail box.

I'm planning to share some photos of our holiday decorations later this week. I know many have been asking for a while. I'll do my best to take some and let you peek into our home this holiday season. Love you all.


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