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Just wanted to share a few of my most recent favorites. I snap pictures almost every single day of her life. Never knowing what will become my favorite moment, my favorite memory. All I do know is that I sat in a hospital room a year ago this past July and mourned the moments I had failed to capture. I feared I'd not have the opportunity to see some of those things ever happen in her life again. I learned a lesson during that time. I never wanted to have another regret. Never.

Here are a few photos I've snapped over the last week or two. Its just my sweet Ashley being Ashley, but there is something in the eyes, the smile, the face of this child that makes my heart smile. I can't put my finger on it, but I know that I LOVE her so deeply I fail to find the words to even describe it.

Blake and Ash watching Allie play in her first basketball game this season. I love how much she loves her big brother and even more than that I love how much he loves her.

Allie and Ashley at before Allies game this week. I love these girls. Love that I have girls. Love girls.

Such a beautiful picture. She is so much more than I ever dreamed she could be. I never imagined she would be so lovely. So much about her is much about her is absolutely perfect.

Big girl. She's working hard again with Sue. Against her will, but still working. Some day...maybe some day... she will walk.

Your eyes do not deceive. She is standing there, taking steps, without our assistance. She doesn't walk miles, but those few inches might as well be miles in her world.

Ash has no desire to walk. She doesn't think she's missing out on anything by not walking. I wish we could figure out how to get her to want to. I truly believe that is the missing element in this whole equation. The want to. I've never seen her not figure out how to do something that she wanted to do...she's always come up with a way...she just doesn't want to walk.

Honestly, I think I've come to the place in this journey that I'm ok if she never does. It doesn't define her. If she walks I'll celebrate with her...if she doesn't I'll celebrate who she is anyway. I won't pretend it doesn't make my heart smile when I see her standing there though.


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