Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Sweater dress, suede boots, and a hair ribbon instead of a bow... my little girl's struggle flashed before my eyes when I came across this picture this morning. She is growing up. Despite it all...she's growing up.

How can I not see the goodness of the Lord when I look at her face?

I'm finding it a little unbelievable that we will be spending another Christmas together. A holiday at home with sweet Ashley. This year has been an amazing journey of one day at a time, not looking to tomorrow, but finding the miracle of who she is today. May God keep my eyes focused clearly on her today's and spare me the heartache of wondering about her tomorrow's.

It truly is a blessed season for our family.

Looking forward to some precious days off surrounded by the sounds of our children's laughter ringing through the rooms of this home. One more week until it all slows down and we get to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas together. I can't wait!

Hope your weekend is blessed.


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