Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Just as we suspected it has been confirmed that Ashley Kate's blood cultures did indeed become identified with staph epi. Ugh!

Here we go again.

The problem with staph epi is that if forms a protective layer if slime inside the catheter making it almost impossible to clear. The antibiotics can't penetrate inside the layer to kill the bug.

I'm so disapppointed.

But...she looks better today. She is sitting up. She's giggled a few times. She's interested in her Ipad again. She's fever free. She looks normal minus the swelling in her face.

I think we just keep on doing what we are doing and watch her beat the odds once again. They assured us the last time she had this bug that it was IMPOSSIBLE to clear. It cleared anyway. I'm going to focus on that.


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