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I can't believe it!

After a week or so of no sign of breakage or skin infection spreading to Blake's left arm tonight we have the beginnings of the same thing he experienced two weeks ago. We (he and I) are so disappointed. He has had the toughest time trying to catch up from the classes he missed while staying out of school and has been up late into the night trying to study for days and days. He announced tonight that there is no way he can miss anymore school. Our only saving grace is that its in the beginning stage which gives us about two to three days until its completely opened up and raw. That means Christmas break will be here. The most discouraging thing is that he has a very important baseball camp in Dallas this weekend that he simply can't miss. My heart is so sad for him. I can't even imagine the pain he is going to endure during it. Not to mention how his skills will be inhibited because of it. Total frustration! The timing is so awful for him.

I don't know what else to do for him. It looks as though its going to run in cycles from arm to arm as long as the skin in under stress. Being in the middle of basketball season and winter training for spring baseball keeps it totally stressed and weak.

I'm just so sad for him tonight. We know what hes up against and its not going to be easy. Totally disappointed right now.


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