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Still Amazed

I find myself still amazed and so humbled by the involvement of an Almighty God in our lives. With all that goes on in this world and all that is important just to know that He cares, He hears, He answers, and He ministers to a little family in Texas brings tears to my eyes. I matter. She matters. We are important to Him and our hurts are His hurts.

Last night Dave and Ashley Kate spent about 3 hours in the ER working on her line. I was so thankful for his willingness to sit up there after a long day in the office to spare us a very, very long day in Shreveport tomorrow. After the first attempt there was no blood return and I was feeling pretty down. Dave was calm and told me to keep praying for her. I asked her how she was doing up there and he said, "she's the happiest kid in the whole ER". That totally made me smile. She is a happy, happy girl. They made it home a with a very sluggish, slow blood return. It was getting late. They were both tired and her antibiotic was due and her TPN was late. He told me he wouldn't be surprised if it stopped working again and needed to be done Thursday as well, but at least we saw it was capable of pulling back. This assured us it hadn't moved out of position.

This morning we have very easy blood return from both lumens. I'm so thankful. Truly it humbles me that He hears and answers our prayers. Not every answer is the one I'm looking for, but sometimes it is. I feel such a burden lifted going into this holiday weekend with her. The line is working and she's feeling so much better. We've seen more smiles than not. We've been fever free for more than two days. We've had no nausea. We've seen her energy levels rising. The plan is to repeat cultures tonight and finish this course of treatment (10 full days of vanc). If the cultures return clear than we will go back to normal. If they grow out again we will add another med and keep on fighting.

Overall I'm feeling encouraged by her progress and the smile on her face. Christmas looks as if it has been saved(except that my camera broke this week and I don't have a back up:( Seriously, that is not an option. We have to come up with a solution!

Well, I'm off to pick up some groceries. Blake and I are baking this afternoon. Merry Christmas guys.


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