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Polka Dots

Ashley Kate's face is polka dotted this week. Not sure why. No idea what it is. She's been no where lately. Had no contact with anyone outside of our little family in a couple of weeks. Other than having a couple of dozen red polka dots scattered across her face she seems fine. Giggly, happy, normal. Just polka dotted.

Over the years I've learned when we can "watch and wait" vs. when we need to "go now". I think this is one of those "watch and waits". I'm sure it is.

I keep hearing the words of one of her transplant surgeons in my head. "We have no idea what is going to happen to these kids. They will present with conditions we've never seen, never identified, never known. Its just the way it is when you place inside of them organs that don't belong and drugs that have just been discovered. Its new territory. For us and for them." Kind of made me feel as though our babies were lab rats, but when your facing the end you'll agree to almost anything to give them the opportunity to grow up. Gambling with the highest of risks and the odds not in your favor. Maybe one in a million so to speak, but if your daughter is that one then by all means it was worth it. As much as I hate transplant and all its horrors its given us 6 years with her. God willing it will one day give us 6 more.

I really think this is yet again one of those things. Something we won't identify, won't know where it came from, and don't need to treat. Just allowing it to run its course. Fortunately for Ash this one doesn't seem to be causing her any discomfort(unlike a few she's known in the past).

I have to admit polka dots are not doing her any favors. Not a pattern I would have willingly chosen for her face. A skirt maybe, but not her sweet face.


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