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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Proof Positive

Just a glimpse at our girl and proof positive that she really doesn't look as though she's sick.  She is too busy playing and going about her business of being almost 7.  

Ashley Kate traveled with us this past weekend and between the games we spent some time at the park across the street.  Ash has more fun watching Blake and Dave act like little kids than she does playing herself, but what matters to us is that she laughs.  Oh my goodness she laughed and laughed at those silly guys!

I love this picture of her.  She's directing traffic.  Telling the guys where she wants them to go next and what she wants to see happen.  She spends most of her life with that little finger pointed using it to run our house.  I love her and her attitude!  Notice the wrists behind her in this shot?  He had just fractured the right one moments before crawling through a tunnel in an attempt to beat the time of the young guys.  We aren't young anymore.

I spent the morning watching my guys help my littlest girl play and play to the best of her ability.  What a blessing to have those couple of hours to relax and watch my girl at the park.  I sat back and witnessed the love from her big brother and her daddy flow through their hands into the life of our tiny girl.  

Proof positive that life is good and we are blessed even when things around us aren't always great.  


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