Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Highs and Lows

High sodium

Low red blood cells

High chloride

Low hemoglobin

High urea nitrogen

Low hematocrit

High creatinine

Low platelet count

High calcium

Low albumin

High phosphorus

Not too many things in her blood work came back normal.  Most everything is out of normal ranges.  The most stable numbers have come from her liver.  Go figure!  Thats the part of her body we expect to show signs of struggle on her weekly labs.  I'd argue these results and perhaps request a new set of labs except that they have been this way for the last 4 sets.  After that many sets of numbers looking all the same you kind of have to accept that they are accurate.

None of this makes any sense.  She looks fantastic.  She's happy.  Feeling better.  Playing.  Even swimming this afternoon.  She's expressive.  She's silly.  Bossy.  She's doing so well on the outside.

Add positive blood cultures to all the highs and lows in her lab work and it all equals a very sick little girl.  Somebody just forgot to let her know how sick she is today.

Not sure whether or not to push for answers this week or just accept where we are and keep things as normal as possible for Ashley Kate.  Nothings easy anymore.


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