Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


2 to go

4.5 hours down and only 2 more to go until we discharge and make it home.  She's the happiest, feistiest, most stable sick little person they've ever seen!  She cracks us all up!

Her renal function took a turn for the worse along with her CBC yesterday causing her doctors to be concerned about the vanc level in her blood.  Results this afternoon showed it was 4 times higher than it should be!  Very, very concentrated with so little blood in her system.  Needless to say we will be holding the vanc and drawing a new trough level tomorrow afternoon.

The course of treatment from here on is undetermined.  The infection proves to be in the line but not systemic which is why she is so happy and not miserably sick.  Clearing it is proving difficult since it has had no response to the antibiotics.  Her doctor is consulting with infectious disease in the morning to determine what course we should take from here.  For tonight she will only receive a dose of rafampin which will allow us to get our first full nights sleep in over a week.  Once we make it home that is:)

Tonight I find my heart thankful for all those who so willingly donate blood.  I have no idea whose blood is running into the veins of my sweet girl, but as it trickles out of the bag and is pushed through the pump into the catheter that is inserted into her chest I can see the color returning to her cheeks and a very bright sparkle in her eyes.  For this I am thanking God for the donor who so freely gave.  You never know what life you are going to touch or save with such a gift.

So as I listen to the giggling of my sweet 6 year old girl I whisper my Thank yous to the only One who knows the one who gave this gift to us.


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