Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The Best Parts of my day...

Waking to the sound of the tiniest girl in our worlds laughter.

Fixing Allie B's hair before she headed off to school this morning.

Listening to Blake say that he loved me on his way out the door.

Feeling Ashley Kate's arms wrapped so tightly around my neck and squeezing me as tight as she could.  In that moment I felt that she loved me.

Watching the most beautiful girl in the world walk across the parking lot and climb into my car after school.
Every day I watch her grow more and more beautiful.  She takes my breath away.

Lying on the floor face to face with my sweet Ash this afternoon.  She reached out and brushed the hair out of my eyes that had fallen across my face.  Such sweetness in that simple act.  Something that I have done for her a thousand times before, but the very first time she had done it for me.

Hearing Blake's truck pull in the drive after practice this evening.  Knowing he was fixing to walk into our home after being gone all day.  His safe place.  The place he comes to rest.  The place he knows will always be here.

Staring at Al from across the room tonight and seeing a smile break across her face as she quietly read.  I wonder what thought crossed her mind in that very moment?

Dancing in the kitchen with Blake tonight.  It wasn't pretty, but it sure was fun.  What a memory!

Catching a glance of Dave watching Blake and I dance like we'd lost our minds.  The smile on his face is one I won't soon forget.

Seeing the blood return from Ash's line slowly trickle into the syringe tonight as I held my breath and prayed that it would.  God is good.

Lying next to Al and scratching her back as she talked about nothing special tonight.  It was such a special time.

Hearing Blake announce for no reason at all..." I love you girls today" to his sister's as the three of them sat in the family room.

Peeking in the rooms of this home tonight and seeing everyone in my world safely sleeping in their beds.  The best feeling in the whole world.

Quietly kissing the top of Dave's head just after he'd fallen asleep.  I often whisper to him how much I love him after I know he's sleeping.  Not sure why I wait.  My little secret.  He doesn't even hear me.

Washing Blake's uniforms and getting them all ready for Friday night.

Knowing that when the world around us seems to get crazy that our world inside this home is secure.

The best parts of my day make up the best parts of my life.


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