Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


There are times...

that I love him SO much my heart could burst! Today I experienced one of those times:)

Blake ran into the house this afternoon to grab his uniform before tonight's game. Ashley was sitting in the family room dressed and ready for an evening at the ball park. As I was coming down the hall this is what I over heard.

"Hey Ash, you sure look pretty! I like your hair. How was your day? Bubbas got to go now, but I'll see you there, OK?"

He didn't know I was standing in the hall listening. No one was around, and he could have very easily ran in, grabbed his uniform off the couch, and ignored the fact that his little sister was sitting there. After all she couldn't answer any of his questions, and who knows if she even understood half of what he said to her. But...he didn't ignore her, and...he did talk to her. He talked to her as if she had the ability to understand every single word. I LOVE the WAY he loves her. It melts this momma's heart to be a witness in our home to their relationship.

If Ashley Kate's life never changed another living souls outlook on this world it changed his and that is worth more than words can say. He's a good guy. No, hes a GREAT guy, and I look forward to seeing what God is going to do with him.

Just wanted to share.


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