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Its my JOY to announce that our Allie...

is officially a Pine Tree High School Cheerleader!!!

We are ALL so proud of her!

Its been a very LONG week. Lots of hard work, sweat and tears. Not to forget the sleepless nights I've had as I prayed for my girl. I'm sooooo happy for her because this is something she wanted to prove to herself that she could accomplish. I knew she was capable, but some days I wondered if she thought she was. She spent many, many hours in the gym working on her tumbling skills this last month. There were days she could barley walk from all the extra hours of practice she was putting in. She worked so hard for this.

Its hard to put into words how good it feels to see your kiddos succeed in what they set out to do. I'm a very proud mom. My big kids are so amazing. As is my little one too! I'm very, very blessed.

Off to bed now that we are home. We have a 3 a.m. alarm set to be on the road by 4 for Allie's volleyball tournament tomorrow. Blake has a couple of games here in Longview and he's on his own since Dave is working out of town for the weekend. We enjoyed watching him play this afternoon.

Just wanted to document Allie's newest achievement. Again, we are so proud! Have a great weekend.


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