Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Fill Up

We will take Ash into the hospital this evening to get a little fill up.  If all goes according to plan we will stay about 6 hours and then be discharged.  She is giggly and funny and feeling good today although her labs are all at critical levels.  Its so hard to realize how sickly her body is when her spirit is so strong.

Her new blood cultures from yesterday grew out the same bacteria as last week.  That tells us we haven't been successful with this round of vancomycin.  I'm not sure if changes are in order or a much longer course but we have a few more days on this initial one.  I took the call after midnight from the lab and my heart sank resulting in very little rest.

I'm dragging this week. Feeling really worn out and tired.

On the upside of things, if Ash has to be sick...I'll take this sick over any other that we've seen her go through.  She is absolutely precious.  Her laughter fills the air of our home and it makes me smile from ear to ear.  I'm so thankful she isn't really feeling the effects from the infection and low blood volumes.  She's just as happy as can be.  I love that.


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