Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Just by looking

Today Dave and I looked at Ashley Kate and agreed..."She doesn't look right".  Couldn't put our finger on anything in particular, but just knew she wasn't right.  No fevers, no extra vomiting, nothing really other than a feeling.  We chose to draw some cultures from her line and drop them off at the hospital lab.

We got the call at the end of Blake's game.  Positive blood cultures.  Growth.  An infection.  UGH!

She's not presenting with any typical symptoms.  She just seems to not feel that well.  We are still waiting to hear what they want to treat it with.  I'm kind of giving up any hopes of receiving meds tonight as the minutes tick by on the clock.  I don't think I'll sleep well tonight knowing we need to be attacking the bug but aren't yet.

A close friend of mine texted me tonight and said, "its a good thing you have those instincts."  I replied, "I wish I didn't have to."  and then I just felt sad.  Sad for Ash.  Sad that she's sick.  Sad that this is how life is.

I can't imagine a life of not having to be on gaurd.  Of not having to know when things aren't right.

If I'm honest about it I'd have to say I'm glad we can tell just by looking, but sad that we have to keep looking.


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