Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Somewhere in the Middle

Ash is...

Somewhere in the middle of feeling good and feeling bad.

We've seen her be really, really sick from line infections.

We've seen her be really, really feeling strong, "healthy", and good without a line infection.

At this point we don't really have either of those extremes happening.  Shes not feeling awful, but shes not feeling good either.

Its obvious that she doesn't feel good as she continues to have break through fevers and some trembling, but shes still amazing to watch as she plays her ipad, communicates her wants and needs, and occasionally giggles despite not really feeling up to a lot of activity.

The bug has been identified and looks to have come from her gut again.  Seriously, less than 2 inches of gut remains but yet it can make her sick?  I don't get that.  Its a very difficult bug to treat.  Not a lot of success in clearing it out of central lines, but Dave told me tonight to just stop researching and reading about it.  He knows me well.  Knows I will stay up reading everything I can and end of up worrying about all that is supposed to happen.  He also knows that God is in control and that Ash has come through some nasty line infections over this last year.  So reading and worrying and researching isn't going to do me any good.

Overall she is holding her own.  In true Ashley style she's writing her own book, doing this her way, and not letting anyone tell her how its supposed to be happening.  I love that about her.  In fact it makes me quite proud of her.

We will treat for 10 days, hope it all clears, draw new cultures, and go from there.  In the meantime she's taking it easy.  My mom is here now which is going to allow me to keep Ash at home as much as she needs and for as long as it takes.  What a blessing.

Thanks so much for continuing to pray for Ash.  Truly its appreciated.


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