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Love this Kid

He is simply the BEST around!  I LOVE him!

Blake and his high school baseball team has made it through round one of the road to the state play offs.  We couldn't be more excited or proud of all of these guys.  They are such a great group of kids.

Blake loves this game and its his love of this game that make us love it too.  He works so hard!  He caught two amazing games yesterday and gave it his all.  Last night he couldn't move a muscle he hurt so much.  I stared at him from across the room and although his body ached I could see the joy on his face as he sat motionless.  He was exhausted...but happy.  I love that!

I'm proud of you kiddo.  You play with your whole heart and give every ounce of everything you have to give when working behind that plate.  It is a JOY to watch you. God has really blessed you with a talent to play the game and I'm so grateful for the opportunities He gives to you.  Remember to take time to slow down enough to thank Him for your successes.

You were amazing yesterday! I still can't believe I get to be YOUR mom.   Dad and I are pulling for you guys and praying for you every day.  Enjoy every  minute of it.


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