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Pink Feet

I'm finding myself so very thankful for these little feet.  Even though they don't walk, or run, and may never do either, I'm so very grateful for the little person they belong too.  Sweet, sweet girl.  This is one of mine and Allie's very favorite pictures we've taken as of late.  Not sure if its the jeans or the little pink shoes or what, but we both agree it makes us smile so deep inside we can't help but let it spread to our outsides.

I remember snapping this pick and the tears that were shed that afternoon because I needed her to stand on those little feet while I picked up something I had dropped while hefting her into the house from the car.  I leaned her up against a tree in the front yard and I'm sure the neighbors thought something horrible was happening to her based on the cries she put forth.  Seriously, though I couldn't handle  putting her all the way down on the grass and then picking her up with all that I was managing.  It was physically impossible for me to do that day.  Anyway, as I listened to her fussing at me I caught a glimpse of those precious feet and couldn't resist snapping a photo since she was already standing there and all.

  She has grown SO much this year.  She is 4ft. tall and weighs a solid 66lbs.  I never dreamed she would grow so much.  She is wearing a size 8-10 now!  Our little preemie wears big girl clothes.  Unbelievable!

She is beautiful and happy and so much fun.  Not many a day goes by that I don't find myself just pausing and listening to the joy and laughter spill out of her.  She is a precious, precious blessing to our family and we are so thankful to have her here in our lives.


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