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Another Line Infection

Ashley woke up with fevers yesterday morning after having a pretty good 5 or 6 days.  She spent most of yesterday lying very still and resting.  Last night she began vomiting along with the fevers and we know from past experience to assume its another line infection.  She rested very little through the night due to the vomiting and feeling so awful.  This morning she remains febrile and not very active.  We acquired orders for line cultures and have already dropped them off at the lab.  Unfortunately, we won't start any coverage until we have the positive cultures and so she will remain fairly miserable today.  I hate days like this for her.  Usually once she receives a few doses of antibiotic the fevers cease and she perks up a little.  I'm hoping by tomorrow evening she might start feeling a little bit better.

The line infection issue is something we've battled for the entire length of time she's had this particular placement.  It was infected upon placement 2 years ago this past December and we continue to due the best we can and treat through the infections.  The particular bug that has colonized the inside of her catheter is very, very difficult to get rid of.  She's been off antibiotic for just 2 weeks after a 12 week course on them.  Amazingly so she has shown to have very little resistant infections to this point.  It may take a while to clear them, but they have all eventually cleared enough to give her quality of life minus the first few days of the flair ups.

Today she is pretty uncomfortable.  She refuses to get out of bed and has requested not to be touched.  I'm trying to honor her request other than having to do what absolutely has to be done.  She's dosing on and off and whimpering while she rests.

I'm sure it gets tiring to read about each and every infection and the ups and downs of her cares, but its important for us to document and have this record to refer back to.  That is why I continue writing about them although they have pretty much become the norm.  I also want those of you who are praying for her each day to be aware when something new arises so that your prayers may be specific for her.  Thank you so very much for your prayers.  Its hard to explain how encouraging it is to receive a message that simply states, "We are praying for you tonight.".  This morning when I opened my email after the long night it soothed my soul to read those words.  As I lay awake whispering prayers for my sweet Ash to find rest someone was whispering prayers for strength for all of us.  I breathed deeply as I read those words and allowed them to minister to me.  What a blessing.  Thank you so very much.

By the grace of God she should begin treatment soon and start feeling better too.


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