Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Back to the Hospital

Ash was taken back into the hospital this afternoon.  We've been watching an infection brewing and building up in her ears all week long.  Its been a very, very long week that started with her blood infusion Monday evening.  She's not felt well since and went down hill really quickly.

We took Ash to see her doctor again yesterday morning and after noticing changes in her appearance we placed a call to his cell this afternoon and decided to take her to the ER.  A CT was done and our fear of mastitis was confirmed. If you've been with us long you will remember she had psuedomonas growing in the bone behind her right ear exactly two years ago this month and she was taken into emergency surgery.  We recognized the symptoms and feared we were back in that place once again.    Originally the plan was to rush her into surgery this afternoon, but after comparing CT scans it was decided to infuse antibiotic into the ear canal and let it sit there overnight.  A re evaluation will be done in the morning and a decision concerning whether or not to operate will be made then.

As always we are doing our best to balance the lives of all three of our kiddos in the midst of Ashley's chronic illness.  We are tag teaming and trying to keep their normal as normal as possible.  My teenagers are precious, precious young people who have grown up with the unpredictable events in Ashley Kate's health and they are once again handling it all very well.  We are truly blessed with three amazing kids.

I will update later tonight when we "tag" each other again and I settle in to the hospital for the night.  I needed to get this posted to update our family on the latest decisions concerning surgery.  Thank you all so very much for your prayers for Ash.


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