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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Seriously, we are sick.  The whole house is or has been and is again.  In 20 years of married life and 17 of those twenty raising children we have never had this happen.

It started with Allie about two weeks before Christmas and it has made its way all the through the family and then back again to Allie and me!  We are on our second round of this nonsense!  I seriously would just like to breath normally again.  My head is about to explode!

My sweet Ash has stayed sick since August and has good days and bad days and then worse days.

Then this morning as if coughing, sneezing, and running fevers weren't enough Allie woke up yelling for me to come to her room.  I couldn't have imagined what I would find once I opened her door.  First of all the look of horror on her face was so alarming and then I got close enough to see why she had that look.  Her body, entire body, including her face is covered in a rash.  NOT EVEN KIDDING.  She looks awful!  Simply awful.  Tomorrow night is the football a no go for her.  That dress and shoes will go unworn.  Then Saturday night is the Cheer leading formal.  Her first formal event of high school.  First time to have a real date who will be wearing a tux.  She's has been so excited about that.  We've had the most amazing dress for two months, and the shoes, seriously the coolest shoes, and jewelry...totally ready for this event.  Hair and make up and nail appointments have already been made.  I just keep telling her anything can happen in 6 whole days.  She could look normal by Saturday, right?  She is refusing to attend if there are ANY signs of what has happened to her left on her body.  I can't even believe this.  I just keep hoping she will wake up in the morning and look like herself again.  Dave thinks I'm crazy for thinking that, but there is no way this is going to last all week.  Right?  No way.  She's had a fever all day long, and things aren't looking good at this point.  But its only Sunday and the dance isn't until Saturday.

Oh yeah, and its finals week.  I know she won't be going to school tomorrow for sure and how many days after that is starting to make me panic.  I  guess they have to allow her to make up the exams.  At least I hope so .

I've been painting and building props for this formal for two weeks, and today I just kept on painting.  Trying to ignore thoughts of having to set up all day Friday for an event she may not even be able to attend.  My heart is so sad for her.  She's hardly come out of her room at all today.

She can't be anywhere near Ash.  She can't even touch anything that Ash would touch.  Taking care of Ash through this whole sickness has been difficult.  There have been days when I've drowned myself in hand sanitizer, gone through dozens of pairs of gloves and kept a mask on my face for so long that I've forgotten it was even there.  I'm trying to keep her from getting any sicker.  I don't think its working, but I'm trying.  Its been three days since I've slept because anytime I lay down I feel as though I'm drowing.  I can't swallow and I can't breathe out of my nose.  There is such a feeling of panic that comes over me when I lay down.

Anyway, I'm just trying to survive.  Surely this will all end at some point.

So I've been a little slow at putting up any posts lately.  Its really because I just don't feel well and didn't want to get on here and write about being sick every single day.  I figured I'd at least touch base and let you guys know that we are still here and trying to get things back to a status quo around here.

P.S.  Ash is still positive for line infection and we continue treating every single day with IV anitbiotics round the clock.  I've lost track of how many weeks its been now.


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