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Sweet and Sour Moments

This holiday season has been filled with several ups and downs involving Ash's health.  Some sweet and sour moments.

This morning around 2am the phone rang and once again we were alerted to positive blood cultures from Ashley Kate's line.  Not just one bug but at least two.  We have a gram positive and a gram negative growing from both lumens.  Definitely one of the more sour moments.  Still though in the big picture of what the holidays mean to us and how very important it is for us to all  be together I can't help but be so incredibly grateful that we are celebrating Christmas at home.  She is sick, but she's table enough to be home.

Ash had two really, really good days this week in comparison to how she had been feeling over the last couple of months.  We enjoyed so much seeing her eyes sparkle and her smile shine.  We listened to hours of laughter and hung on every joyful sound she made.  Then yesterday morning she began to show signs and symptoms that told us something was wrong.  The changes come on so quickly!  Its hard to understand just how fast these little ones go from being fine to being sick.  Really sick.  I wouldn't believe it if I didn't live it.

We got orders to begin some really strong IV antibiotics this afternoon.  We don't have an id on what bugs she has or any sensitivities, but we began hitting them hard with some broad spectrum drugs.  This evening she seems to be feeling better than she did yesterday.  She's perked up some and eve asked to go for a drive tonight.  Her daddy took her to see the Christmas lights.  Again:)

She's very much looking forward to opening her Christmas gifts.  She's so dramatic when we tell her "no, its not Christmas yet".  She makes a little fake crying sound and scrunches up her nose acting like she's sad.  It cracks us up the way she is behaving about it all!  She asked Blake to let her open some tonight and he told her they would have to ask first.  She didn't like that answer and the whole act began again.  Fake cries, scrunched up nose, and signs telling us she was crying and sad.

So even though we are running meds round the clock and battling yet another line infection we are able to enjoy some sweet moments.  Our holiday season has been blessed so very much and we are very grateful for the sweet times we are being given.


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