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Thankful Hearts

Its been a beautiful week.

  Our hearts are so very thankful to have Ashley Kate home with the family even in the midst of some new/but familiar struggles.  This marked her 3rd thanksgiving here since ex plant.  I can remember how the first year Dave and I would wake each morning and breathe a sigh of relief to find her still with us, still breathing, still resting along side our bed.  Those were hard, hard days not knowing if survival were a real possibility of not, but hanging on to the hope that she would indeed spend another holiday season with us.

She is feeling ok.  Not as good as we like her to, but still good enough to enjoy her days playing and resting and staying here.  We don't see as many smiles or hear as much laughter as we have grown used to, but there are smiles and there is laughter.  I'm grateful for that.

I've been so blessed to have my brother and his family here with us for the holiday.  We've laughed a lot and played a lot of games the last few days.  The kids shoot hoops, play pool, and run around while the adults sit and visit, play dominoes and sequence and just enjoy the down time.   I catch myself staring into the playroom watching my niece run circles around Ashley Kate.  Ash is content to just be there in the midst of all Katelyn's antics.  Its fun to watch them interact.  Its fun to listen to Katelyn talk to Ashley and even more fun to watch Ashley talk to Katelyn and tell her what she wants her to do next.  I can't help but secretly wish for Ash to be standing next to Katie Bug on that swing and jumping off right next to her.  I think normal is something I'll always long for, but it doesn't take away one little bit of my gratitude for all that Ash can do and is learning to do.

I am overwhelmed daily at the goodness of our God and at His blessings that are bestowed upon us.  My heart is full.  My favorite time of the day are the moments where I find myself in the family room, under the glow of the lights, and my heart recounts all I've been blessed with in that day.  Life is such a precious, precious gift.  Even in the midst of struggle, and there are struggles, but intentionally striving to focus on the beautiful keeps my heart thankful.

I have no idea what tomorrow holds, but I've often heard say that I know Who holds tomorrow.  How very true at this time in my life.  I pray your holiday season is blessed and that your hearts are overwhelmed by His goodness and  His blessings.  Take care my precious friends.


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